Creating Art

Art Studio in Austin, Texas

Sewing a Custom Order Flower pillow using the leftover fabrics from their couch upholstery materials

"Wet Dog" Mosaic Using Stones, Glass, Gems, Crystals, Shells, Beads, more Made for - Austin, Texas Art Show

Watercolor Octopus

Bill Making Frames for my Art

"Moonchild" in Acrylic

Glass Wind Chimes and Driftwood

"Spiderweb" Glass on Glass

"Barton Springs Swimmer" in Watercolor

Heavenly Friend Waiting Watercolor

Mona Lisa Mosaic -Made for the East Austin Art Tour

Making a Mona Lisa Mosaic

Custom Dog Portrait Pillow

"The Disciple"in Oil

"Grouchy Man" in Oils

Wildflowers in watercolor

Sewing an Octopus Quilt

"Best Friend" Watercolor

Working on an orange grove watercolor

"The Wave" Using found glass objects

Comissioned Mosaic Using his mothers costum Jewley after his mother passed away

Comissioned Abstract Art

Comissioned Mosaic for a Bathroom Remodel

"Happy Sunset" Painting for my Mother

Comissioned Art Monet Style

Watercolor Moon

Tinny Seascape in Oil

Sewing Pet Portraits

Sketching Wildlife at a Cafe in California

Using Watercolors to Create Creastmas Cards

Cleaning up a Masaic for Art Show in Colorado

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