Mixed Media Artist in San Antonio, Texas

I love creating new pieces and I’m inspired by my daily life on what to start next.I am a visual artist and an “off the beaten path” traveler who was born, raised and is currently based in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  My imagination is allowed to take flight, knowing that in this spaceit’s okay to color outside the lines, and I am  encouraged to combine unique materials, or create spatial arrangements that are surprising, unusual, soothing or thought-provoking.Just as the surrounding landscape constantly changes, so does my method of artistic expression.

 I enjoy creating by way of painting watercolors, oils, mosaics, sewing, Using reclaimed objects with offbeat ingenuity. I collect “treasures” as I explore the spaces around me, and incorporate those pieces into each work of art. 
Rocks, tree branches, fossils, seashells or broken pieces of china can fuel my imagination as they magically transform into brilliant landscapes, fantastical scenes or shimmering abstracts. Each piece of art is influenced not only by my surroundings, but also by distant memories, colorful dreams and far ranging adventures, both real and imagined
I look forward in sharing my creations with you and your friends,
Nancy Ferguson 

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